Video transcription

So right now let's just try a combination using some of those moves we talked about. We'll start with the basic five step jump with a forward step out. We'll do those opening and closing of the skirts, like we talked about, and then we'll go in to the string pull. So we'll start with the five step jump, then our side to side movement, where we're opening and closing our skirts, you can do this as many times as you want. Then we'll do an open right, open left and a string pull, three times. So we'll start again with the jump, open and close, and then a string pull. Try it once more, open and close, and the string pull. We can add one of those step outs, like I mentioned, in the front, step out. Then go in to your open and close, then open right, left, and one, two, three. So that's just one combination using our opening, closing skirts, and our string pulls. You can mix and match as I said before. We'll try another few combinations using all of these little sexual playful moves that learned in the series.