Video transcription

Hi, this is Jeff from The Two Wheeler Dealer. Today I'm going to show you how to properly lube a bike chain and how to lube up a rusty bike chain. First thing to do would be to start by cleaning the chain. For that you can use a good citrus degreaser biodegradable. Works great for dissolving all the gunk that builds up on the chain and for that we'll just peddle the bike. While spraying a slight amount on the chain. You only need about two or three peddle rotations and then take a rag and your going to just hold the chain on the bottom and run it through that rag. As you peddle it. It should remove most of the rust and dirt and grime and once you've cleaned the chain. You can then reapply a good coating of chain lube. This particular one is a Teflon based lubricant. It works really well for bike chains. It will also inhibit the rust from forming. Basically the same process as cleaning. You're just going to peddle slowly while dripping it onto the chain. Same thing about three peddle rotations is all you need and then let it sit for about five to ten seconds and let it soak in and then take your rag and your going to try and remove any of the excess lube. That has accumulated on the outside of the chain. The only thing that it does on the outside of the chain. Is help to attract more dirt. It's not actually benefiting the chain at all and there you have a properly lubed chain and you probably want to do this. You know, about once every week or two. Especially if your living in a very wet environment or at the beach. Where chains are very prone to rusting very quickly and that should help prevent rust from forming and keep your bike running smooth. That's how to lube a chain.