How to Keep Galvanized Metal Shiny

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Galvanisation is the process of covering metal with a layer of thin metal, such as zinc, that will repel corrosive electrolytes in the environment to protect the metal. Galvanised metal can have a matt texture compared to other types of metal. You can, however, keep this metal shiny with metal polishes.

Be careful not to use any abrasives that might scratch the galvanised surface.

Mix 1 cup hot water with 1 tsp liquid dish soap. Mix until the water is soapy.

Dip a scrubbing brush into the solution and scrub it over the galvanised metal. Scrub until it is completely clean.

Rinse the metal with water and dry it completely.

Soak a clean cloth with white vinegar. Rub the white vinegar over the galvanised metal surface to remove any remaining dirt and to shine the metal.

Buff the galvanised metal with a plastic scrubbing pad. This will help shine the metal.

Apply metal polish to the galvanised metal. Rub it into the metal with a soft cloth.

Buff the metal polish off with another clean cloth.