What is hammerite paint?


Hammerite is the brand name for a line of paints and enamels developed, produced and sold by MasterChem Industries, LLC. MasterChem is a division of the Masco Corporation. Hammerite Rust Cap paint was designed to be applied over bare metal including rusted metal, without the need of a primer.

When properly applied, Hammerite paints can prevent rusting and help stop the corrosion process on previously rusted surfaces.


MasterChem Industries recommends Hammerite paints for both interior and exterior applications. Metal surfaces that are subject to rusting such as outdoor equipment that is made of iron or steel should be painted with a rust preventive such as Hammerite. Metal lawn furniture, bicycles and other metal-based outdoor children's toys are also candidates for Hammerite paint protection.


Hammerite paints use a combination of proprietary resins and glass flakes to create a moisture proof seal. These heat hardened glass particles join together as the paint dries to form a rust resistant barrier. This technology allows the paint to be applied directly on ready rusted surfaces and still provide a beautiful protective finish.


Hammerite paint can be painted directly over rusted surfaces. It is also designed for decorative applications. Hammerite paint is available in either a smooth or hammered finish. Each finish is available in eleven colours. Hammerite is a self-priming paint which does not normally require an undercoat. Bare aluminium, galvanised metal and surfaces that have been sprayed with a zinc coating will need to be primed before applying Hammerite paint.


In order for Hammerite paints to perform to expectations, proper surface preparation is required. Loose paint, dirt and rust should be removed by scraping or sanding with at least 80 grit sandpaper. Acid rust converter products should not be used to prepare the surface for painting. The manufacturer recommends test patching a small section of previously painted surfaces to insure proper adhesion before proceeding.


Hammerite paints contain petroleum distillates and xylene which can produce harmful vapours if inhaled. These vapours may irritate the nose, throat, eyes, and skin. Intentionally inhaling the fumes of this product could result in permanent brain damage, nervous system damage or death. The vapours are flammable, so this product should not be used around any open flame.