Video transcription

In this segment I'll show you how to frame a pastel. Now actually I'm going to do that by showing you how not to frame a pastel. If you look at this pastel here, it's part pastel, part water color. This drawing is framed inappropriately and it's framed correctly in the sense that it's a glass. But it's not framed appropriately because the side here, the matting has obviously not gotten the painting in the correct way. The correct way to frame a pastel is to make sure that all this, the edges of this pastel are inside the matted surface. And if you wanted to do it even better, make sure that it does not take away from any part of the surface. To frame a pastel you actually have to make a backing. You have to make sure that it's got a good glass, and make sure that the glass is something that will stay there without any air seeping into the pastel painting.