Video transcription

Hi, I'm Harvey Kranberg. I'm joined by my wife Michele. We own Austin Flag and Flagpole in Austin, Texas. We occasionally get asked how you should fold a British flag, a Union Jack. And it's frankly just a conventional kind of fold. There's no ceremonial fold like there is with the American flag, but we'll go ahead and demonstrate. First you start by rotating the flags ninety degrees, so it is parallel with the ground. You do a fold down the center, and then simply one more fold, rotate it. Make sure all your creases are as crisp as you can get them and then simply do two more folding in half and you end up with the proper fold for a Union Jack. If you're going to store it, you want to make sure that the flag is dry when you fold it. You want to make sure it's stored outside of direct sunlight so you don't fade the colors disproportionately to the rest of the flag. And that's how you take care of a Union Jack.