Video transcription

So we just finished belt pose. We're going to still concentrate on the abdominals, but we're moving now into some arm balancing moves. So I'm going to remove the blanket. Sitting cross-legged, or in lotus pose, so you can place the back of the foot up into the crease of the thigh. If that's not obtainable, just keep the legs crossed. This is called talasina, so people refer to it as take-it-up-asina. You're going to place the hands on the floor or the block. Let's try it on the floor first, on either side of the hip. It's important to bring the hips back behind the wrists when you lift up. If you don't achieve lift-up right away, you could keep one of the legs on the floor. So Julie's doing this pose, talasina, completely lifted. A lot of energy in the abdominals, or a lot of work here in your center or your core. Very strengthening. Arms are taking a lot of strength as well. Keep the fingers spread wide, and we'll talk about the wrists a little bit, if they're bothering you, in some of the other frames. If your arms are length challenged, then you can place a block on either side of the hip and try that once again. Take-it-up-asina. It's a little bit easier? Very nice, she's concentrating very hard. Take it for about five breaths, and work up to ten breaths. Very nice, and then release to the floor.