Video transcription

Another variation on our princess seam that you can use, is when you have a mini dress. Typically when you have a mini dress, you're going to have some sort of darts, because a mini dress it's a shift is a plain old dress. That's a typical standard, going to go in at the waist, out at the hips, but it's not flared at all. So this is a mini dress with side slits. And your princess seams are going to start at the middle of each shoulder seam. And you'll see that this one right here curves. That's not because you have to opposite seams princess seams. Or not because there both not the same. That's because when you're drawing it on your croaky, her hip is jetted out. So therefore you have to draw your seams in line with the shape of the body. Or else, you would see it and it would look wrong because your eyes automatically, naturally you are going to say oh follow the curves of the hip! So when you're drawing things always remember that. Unless it's a flat drawing, it's all going to be the same. So to start out to draw a mini dress, where here to do a typical mini dress. Neckline, sleeves and then this has side slits. So you want to show something in the back. You want to show that it is slit. So you make a little part of it stick out in the back right there. And then draw your slits. Same here. And then there your dress. And then draw your princess seams from the shoulder lines, on down.