Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about, what do mice hate. Well you don't have to watch Tom and Jerry to understand the fact that mice hate cats. And so my cat Dexter is the best trick that I have for mice, because he controls our population at all times. And if you live in the country you generally have mice, and so a cat is the best way to get rid of the mice. But if you live in an area where you don't have, or can't have a cat, or your schedule doesn't allow you to have a pet, then there's other tricks that you can use to get rid of your mice. First of all you've got to realize that the mice is coming into your home because they have a place to eat and they have a place to sleep. So if you've got a lot of paper boxes or a storage area, or an area under the deck, or you have a wood pile where they're gathering, get rid of it all. And if you're using paper boxes that they're getting into, put everything into plastic tote bins with covers, because they're not going to get into those, and you'll find that the mice have no place to live then they will get out of your house. So make sure you don't have food sitting out, make sure that you don't have any type of access into your house, any types of holes are blocked off. If you've got holes going underneath your house or underneath your deck, block it all off. If you block off the food and you block off the water, you'll block off the mice. And mice hate spices, cinnamon or cayenne pepper, or red hot chili pepper or curry powder, and you've got pepper or any kind of heavy spice, and you've got mice, let say in your basement or in an area, just sprinkle the whole area with heavy spice. And you can vacuum it back up or sweep it back up as well, and you'll find that you'll really perturb the mice and they will leave, because they don't like really strong spices. And if they're coming in to an area too you can always make a boarder using any type of spice, and it'll only burn their little feet it won't hurt them. In my policies you don't want to hurt animals, you just want to send them to another neighborhood. So if you do have a problem with mice try spice. And if that doesn't work try your neighborhood cat, or go to the pound and get a new kitty for your family and you'll find that you won't have mice in your yard or in your garden or in your home ever again.