Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to learn all about how to grow moss rose, or portulaca. It's a beautiful, annual plant, from South America, so portulaca grandiflora, also known as eleven o'clock, garden portulaca, moss rose, rose moss, or sun plant, is native to Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, so all parts of South America, and they are related to succulents, but they are one of the only succulents that doesn't stay green over the winter. They actually go dormant, and recede themselves. Now, this is actually a portulaca, and it is the end of November, so it's dying back, since it's starting to freeze at night, and you can see that it puts out little buds, just like roses, and they open up, and they look just like paper roses, and I love them, because they're so vibrant, in the fact, that one plant, will produce many different colored roses, and when they're in bloom, they're just gorgeous, and these bloomed all summer long, and they had bright pinks, and yellows, and oranges, all within the same plant., which always amazes me, that they can do that, and there's different mixes. There's a tutti-frutti mix that does the same thing, and they're a gorgeous plant, and they're officially a succulent herb, because they have tuberous roots, and as long as those roots are covered, they will grow, so you can actually take a plant, and just set it down, and cover it with dirt, and it will grow new plants. In colder climates, they die back, and they're not ever green, and they are only hardy in zones eight to ten, so even in the warmer climates, they will die back completely, and just recede themselves, and then come back in the spring. They're quite amazing in that way, and they grow so easily. They're a great rock garden plant. They're a great plant with succulents, they're a great container plant as well, and I really enjoy them in my garden, and I've found that they've receded themselves all over, and they can become invasive, if you're not careful, because they'll just take over a certain area, if you don't try to control them, but it takes a lot of years to get out of control, and I enjoy the blooms so much. They're such a great herb, that's in addition to my garden.