Video transcription

In this clip I'm going to talk to you about the types of wood that you can use for turning. Any kind of hard wood can make a good wood turn on the wood lathe. This is an example of some hard maple and underneath it, this very large log, is locust. It is a very hard wood, very brittle sometimes but it does make some spectacular bowls. Here is another good hard wood to turn, ash, and a couple of varieties of cherry. This piece right here, which is the bowl blank that we're going to be roughing out, here is another piece of cherry. The bark looks a little different. This is an ornamental variety of cherry but it still makes some great bowl blanks. You can also see in this stack there are a lot of varieties of oak, red oak and white oak. Now that is a hard wood and it can be used for turning. It is not my particular favorite because oak can tend to crack while I am working with it but if I want a bowl blank that I'm going to turn green and want to warp out a shape then oak would definitely be a variety I would consider.