How to Prune Nemesia

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With roots in South Africa, Nemesia (Nemesia strumosa) boasts more than 50 different species. This annual is a flash-in-the-pan type of flower, blooming fast in late spring and summer months, but with a short appearance. Once that first bloom of the season has disappeared, pruning can encourage a second round of colourful flowers. Reaching up to 2 feet in height and 1 foot across, aggressive pruning helps Nemesia thrive.

Pinch tips back when new growth appears. Use your fingers and pinch tips to a spot slightly higher than the top leaf on the Nemesia. Pinch before the development of flower buds. This method will lead to more new shoots.

Deadhead to promote more blooming. Remove wilted flowers immediately, using a hand pruner or your fingers. Deadheading will prevent consumption of nutrients that could be utilised in the development of other blooms.

Cut aggressively after the first blooming. Make clean cuts with a sharp hand pruner. Shape Nemesia as desired, cutting back to the lower leaves and eliminating all dead blossoms.

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