Video transcription

What we're going to discuss and demonstrate is how to tie the Double Fisherman or sometimes referred to as the Grapevine knot. The Grapevine knot or Double Fisherman is a great to secure two pieces of rope together because it's a self tightening knot. We start by taking two separate pieces of rope and laying them side by side. We then take one of the pieces of rope and go around that other piece of rope twice to form what's called a double overhand knot. Pull it tight and cinch it down and then we do the same with the other end of the rope by passing it around itself twice and pulling it through. Once we dress up the knot and tighten it, we can pull the two pieces of rope tight and form the Fisherman's or Grapevine knot and in a smaller piece of rope it will look something along those lines which is similar to the way a grapevine looks hence the name Grapevine knot. Self tightening knot so it can be easily pulled apart and slid along or tightened up, and the more tension the tighter the knot. Grapevine knot, great knot to use.