How to Tie a Crow's Foot

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There are several different types of knots that you can tie, each serving a specific purpose. A crows foot is one type of knot. Although you may have to attempt this knot a few times to get comfortable with it, it gets easier with practice. The crows foot consists of a Double Figure Eight loop that you cut to make it look like a crows foot. You will find this knot in fishing applications in place of a plastic connector.

Grab the end of your rope, cord or elastic and make a loop. The loop should be two inches in diameter.

Pinch the sides of the loop together so the end of the rope/cord/elastic is pointing down and is parallel to the rest of the material.

Bring the top section of your rope/cord/elastic down to make a loop with the end crossing over the rest of the rope/cord/elastic. This will form an "x" at the intersection point.

Continue to bring the end under the rope/cord/elastic where it intersected and out the other side.

Bring the end up and through the loop that you had made in Step 3. Once it is through the loop pull it up and open up the two strands that consist of the end you have been working with. This should form its own loop.

Pull this loop up slightly as you tighten the rest of the knot by pulling down gently.

Snip the loop directly above the knot so both sides of the loop have even strands. Cut the loose ends so they are 1cm long. You now have your crows foot knot.

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