Video transcription

Hi. Today I'm going to be showing you how to make an easy outdoor cat shelter. A lot of people have that neighborhood cat that they like to feed, but not necessarily ready to make a member of their family yet, but you feel bad for it during winter, or you've got an already established family pet who just prefers to spend more time outside and you worry about during the winter months. What you'll need to start with for your cat shelter is just a simple storage container, can be purchased at any home goods store and the first step is you want to go ahead and make a door. One thing you want to keep in mind when making your door is you want to make it so that a larger cat could get in, but that you don't let all the heat out. So using a Sharpie marker, you want to go ahead and just kind of act like you use the natural grooves. You trace your door out and then just using a ul, a utility knife or a box cutter, very carefully cut out your door. I've already done it on this side. You can kind of see here how the grooves kind of naturally lend themselves, so something about that size would be really good. So go ahead and take the lid off here, so you can see the inside of the cat shelter. To make the lining of the cat shelter, you're going to go ahead and use one to two inch Styrofoam. You want to go ahead and place your Styrofoam down to the very bottom and want to use your Sharpie to mark about four inches from the lip of the storage container, to like so. And then you're going to use your utility knife again to go ahead and score it. One thing you want to keep in mi, in mind is you want to score it until it goes all the way, clean through. You don't want to try and break it as it may just shatter. So once you have your pieces, you're going to go ahead and place them all around the sides of the interior like so. Once you've got the lining of your cat shelter, you want to go ahead and line the bottom with a really soft material. Newspaper works, straw, shredded paper, all that stuff makes really good material. Here I've got crumpled newspaper so you want to go ahead and stick it just down in the bottom like so. And then, once you've got it pretty well lined, you need to make the roof. Now using, again you want to measure first, using these pieces you want to go ahead and just place them just right on top to go ahead and make the roof of your cat shelter all the way across. Keep in mind you can use a larger piece and measure carefully and just make one big roof piece. Then you want to go ahead and just put your lid back on. And once you've got that on, your cat shelters now complete. You can use catnip or a little bit of food to go ahead and entice your outdoor kitty into the cat shelter. Something to keep in mind is you want to keep it in a sunny place that helps naturally warm the cat shelter, but you also want to place it somewhere where the cat doesn't feel like he's out in the open. So if you've got kind of a good middle ground, that works really well and I hope this keeps your furry friends warm in the winter.