How to remove dog urine from gravel

Gravel Path image by Allen Stoner from

Dog urine has a strong odour that is especially noticeable in small spaces. If you have a dog that spends a lot of time in its kennel, keeping the kennel clean is imperative. You can quickly hose out a kennel with cement flooring, but removing dog urine from gravel flooring takes a bit more time. For outside areas with more than one dog, a weekly gravel cleaning will help to keep the area clean as well as keep bad odours to a minimum.

Spray the gravel with water from a garden hose. Lay the hose down in the gravel and allow the water to run right through the areas where the strongest concentrations of dog urine are located. Let the hose run for five minutes to ensure all the urine washes away.

Set an outside sprinkler in the middle of the affected area for a consistent spray of water for larger gravel areas. The constant flow of water will wash away the dog urine without harming any grass or vegetation that may be nearby.

Use a metal rake to get the gravel back to its designated area if the water flow pushes the gravel out of place.

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