Video transcription

Hello my name is Rebecca Herrick. I'm a licensed massage therapist practicing at Everything Peaceful in Wilmington, North Carolina. I am here to tell you about how to get a sensual foot massage. First of all every foot massage is going to be sensual because you are going to be incorporating the sense of touch into your massage. In order to make it even more sensual is to incorporate all the other senses into that massage and some examples of how to do that would be to first incorporate the sense of smell and that can be done through using aromatherapy oils which are usually essential oils of various plants and flowers, some relaxation inducing scents could be lavender or chamomile and you can use any range of scents in order to benefit your client and benefit the session. Another sense you could use is your sense of hearing and of course that would be done with relaxing music. A lot of times I prefer to hear music that don't have words because that helps to increase the relaxation process and you can include various other senses into your foot massage. We have included touch and hearing and smell. You can also use the sense of sight by including some dim lighting and some candlelight to help increase that sensual experience. Those are just a few examples of how to give a sensual foot massage.