Video transcription

Hi I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida. Hey how do I get rid of gnats in my kitchen? We hear this all the time. A couple of easy things that you can do to help eliminate gnats from your kitchen. Number one any rottening or diseased fruit that you might have in the kitchen make sure that is put into a container and taken out with the garbage. Always inspect your fruit for little spots because that is the first place that you are going to see the gnats start accumulate. Number two is making sure that you are always running water through your sink to make sure that you don't have any gnats that are coming up inside of your, from your pipes inside the sink. That is very important because a lot of people go away in our area for about half the year and they have nobody there running water to the sinks or even into the toilet areas so if you can have a friend stop by and just flush those toilets and run water in your sinks, you will make sure that the little pea traps that is in the sinks will actually hold water and you won't have to have any problem with gnats coming up from there. Number two if you do have gnats in the kitchen you can go ahead and use a product such as a PT 565 fogger which is a professional product that you can get at a pest control do it yourself store or maybe even one of your pest control operators can provide you with this as well. Very easy to use, just open the top. It has got a nice spray handle on here. Make sure that nobody is in the house, you fog each room for about three to four seconds and say good bye to the gnats. Very very easy to use. Comes in a convenient can for you. Another product that we have of course are our pest traps. This is called, it's a yellow sticky trap that is all it is but the gnats are attracted to this actual coloring here and what you do is you just pull the protective covering on the other side. You can fold the trap into a little C position. You put it on the counter and the gnats will actually find this product and you won't have any problem. They'll get stuck and you just throw the thing away and put out another one the next time you have a problem. I'm Mark Govan with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida hoping you have a pest free day.