How to get rid of carpet beetles in the bathroom

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Carpet beetles are a real pain because as babies they eat through furs, natural fabrics, hair and sometimes animal fur or spices. A carpet beetle infestation can be difficult to deal with just because these small pests are very good at finding food and getting around your house.

However, getting rid of them in your bathroom may be simply a matter of eliminating their food source and then picking off the few survivors.

Clean your bathroom thoroughly with bleach and water. Wipe down all surfaces, clean inside cracks and holes in the floor and walls, and empty all cabinets and drawers to clean them with bleach and water as well. Mop the floor and take out the trash.

Get rid of any lint, hair, spider webs or dead bugs on or in any of your bathroom products. These serve as food sources for carpet beetles. If you find a bad carpet beetle infestation in something, such as laundry that was left in the bathroom, then throw that item away.

Wash any towels, rugs and dirty laundry that was in the bathroom in hot, soapy water. Hot water is the best way to destroy eggs and any potential attractors like old food stuck on your clothing.

Take any upholstered furniture or pillows you may have in the bathroom to be treated at a pest facility that has a fumigation vault. In cases where carpet beetles are infesting a piece of furniture or something stuffed with feathers or natural animal fibres, the beetles can only be treated with a gas treatment.

Buy sticky traps available from a local retail store or pest control company. Place the traps around the windows and anywhere there is evidence of carpet beetle infestation (dried beetle husks, small black specks of faeces)

Buy an insecticide spray that lists beetles as one of the bugs it kills. Spray around all walls, under carpets, inside cabinets and anywhere an infestation is obvious.