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How Can I Eliminate Burnt Egg Smell?

Updated February 21, 2017

Burnt eggs might be one of the foulest stenches known to mankind. If a cooking mishap leaves your kitchen smelling sulphurous, being quick on your feet is the key to eliminating the pungent aroma. Open the windows, toss your egg-scented apron into the washer, and follow some of the odour-neutralising tips below to swiftly restore the smell of your kitchen to normal.

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  1. Toss out the burnt eggs immediately. Wash the pan that you cooked the eggs in with hot water and an organic dish washing liquid.

  2. Cut two lemons and squirt lemon juice around your kitchen work area and in the sink.

  3. Toss the cut lemons into a small saucepan of water and bring to a boil. Allow the lemons to boil until the scent completely fills the room.

  4. Wave a wand of dried lavender and other dried herbs, such as cloves, ginger or cinnamon, around the room. The aroma will soon fill the air and neutralise the egg scent.

  5. Open a vial of lavender essential oil. Place a few drops of oil onto six cotton balls and place them throughout the kitchen. Let them sit until the lavender aroma completely overcomes the egg scent.

  6. Dispose of the cotton balls by placing them in the bottom of the rubbish bin, beneath the rubbish bin liner. The lavender scent will help keep the rubbish bin smelling fresh. Once the oil on the cotton balls has evaporated, toss them out in the trash.

  7. Add a tbsp of honey to cake batter and other creamy mixtures that contain eggs, such as cookie dough, to eliminate the egg smell in confections.

  8. Sprinkle baking soda, a great odour eliminator, into the kitchen sink drain and into the bottom of a clean trash bag. Scrub your work area with baking soda and leave two boxes of it open on the counter top until the egg smell has dissipated.

  9. Spritz your work area with white vinegar, a natural deodorant. Rinse with water afterward. Spray the sink, in which you washed the pan you cooked the eggs in, then rinse it thoroughly.

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Things You'll Need

  • Organic dish washing liquid
  • 2 lemons
  • Knife
  • Saucepan
  • Dried lavender and herb wand
  • Lavender essential oil
  • 6 cotton balls
  • Honey
  • 2 boxes baking soda
  • White vinegar

About the Author

As a former elementary school teacher, Cheryl Starr now writes full-time from Missouri. Her work has appeared in various magazines, including "Teachers of Vision," "Insight" and "Highlights." She is currently writing a novel and a devotional book. Starr studied elementary education at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

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