Video transcription

Hi. I'm Rachael Yatuzis and I'm go to teach you about making glass cleaner with vinegar. The benefits of doing this are, you're are really helping your family out. You're eliminating a lot of indoor air pollution cause by the ammonia in commercial glass cleaners. And this is totally nontoxic and biodegradable. You can eliminate your child locks if you use nontoxic and biodegradable products. You're not going to have to lock your kids out of the cabinet because if they drink your vinegar and water, it's just going to taste bad. It's not going to hurt them at all. So what you want to do if find a spray bottle. You'll want to find one a little bit bigger than this. You know, just a regular every day size spray bottle that regular commercial cleaning products come in. You can get spray bottles at the Dollar Store, you know, you can find them cheap anywhere. And make sure to label it vinegar and water so you know what it is because it's not going to come already with a sticker on it if you get your own, your own bottle. So the formula that you use is four tablespoons of vinegar to about a quart of water. And that will clean glass without making streaks. It'll clean anything. Use it to clean your wood floors, use it clean your furniture, use it to clean clothing, bath tubs. It's endless the things you can do with vinegar and water. So consider it because it's the cheapest way to clean your house. It's not going to leave your house smelling like pine trees but that's a good thing because you're eliminating the toxic indoor air pollution. The fumes that people breath in that causes asthma, it's really not good for you. Vinegar and water is the ultimate solution to that. I'm Rachael Yatuzis and that is how you make glass cleaner with vinegar and water.