Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I am going to talk about how to grow moss for your garden. Now moss grows very naturally especially if you live in a wet climate and moss needs lots of shady conditions with lots of water and so, and not very good drainage so when you are growing moss for your garden there is lots of ways that you can use it and this is beautiful how they have used this moss right along the walk way. Now if it's in full hot sun it probably wouldn't survive too well. It would get beat up in the Summer but if you've got part shade or underneath a maple tree and you keep it on the moist side it will grow really well and so moss is really an easy addition to your garden. You just make sure that it gets enough moisture and it does get some shade. You don't want it in a hot hot sunny place and moss thrives on no nutrition so right here on these blocks its not getting any soil, no Earth and it just will love it right here. So my theory too is if you have a nice pine tree with lots of moss under it and you cannot get your grass to grow turn it into a moss garden. You can always take the grass out and put some more moss in from other areas and turn it into a beautiful Japanese moss garden with a little pagoda and a little bridge and you can have little Buddhas around and that way you can enjoy your moss garden and everyone else can as well.