Video transcription

Hi my name is Lincoln Ward, I'm the director of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas. Today we're going to talk about why the tennis ball is yellow. Originally when tennis first began, the tennis ball came in only two colors, white and black and they used the color that worked on the surface the best, just kind of showed out a little bit more on the surface. And after, in the 60's, late 60's, early 70's when tennis really picked up in popularity, they started showing tennis on television. Well even then they were still using the white or black balls but what they found was that audiences on television were able to follow the optic yellow tennis ball a little bit better. The found that optic yellow was a little easier to view. So they switched the tennis ball to yellow at that point and made this optic yellow color. Nowadays you can find tennis balls in a wide variety of colors including pink and still white as well as some optic orange and greens. But still in the professionals we use the optic yellow tennis ball to this day. That's the reason why your tennis ball is optic yellow. My name is Lincoln Ward, thank you.