Video transcription

Now I'll show you how to tie the fringe on our reversible poncho. I've cut all the fringe all the way around our reversible poncho. And I've also put a few pins in just to hold the two layers together. We'll be, I'll start the tying at the, the front. It doesn't rally matter where you start, but that's where I'm starting. And we're going to be doing just a simple square knot. Now, you want to have a consistent knot all the way around. It will have a nicer look. And to do a square knot, I'm going to, you do a right over left, left over right, or you can do a light over the dark, a simple knot and then light over dark again. And pull that nice and tight. And just go down, down the line doing the same thing. Light over the dark, and light over the dark again. Light over dark and light over dark. Okay, continue down the edge with a light over the dark and light over the dark. It's good to get into a rhythm and pull them all kind of evenly tight and continue down. Now don't worry if it seems like it's starting to bunch up a little bit because as you go, you can give it a little tug and just stretch it out a bit. Okay, and continue down the line. You'll do this tying all the way around your poncho. Let me show you the knotting from a different angle. Here's the light and the dark. Take the light, cross it over the dark one and then go around the back and through. Pull it tight and now again, take the light, go over the dark, around through the back, through the back and pull. You could see that all of our knots line up very nicely and very consistently. Let's do it again. Take the light, cross over the dark, come around back and pull tight. Now again with the light over the dark, around the back, pull it through and pull tight.