Video transcription

Okay, so we have sanded all of our walls and now we need to make sure we have all the particles, dust, and lint off our walls so we need to 2-step process. The first process is I have my vacuum cleaner with an attachment that has a brush on it. I’m simply going to turn it on and vacuum my walls making sure to get as much as you can off. Starting high and then I’ll go lower. Now, for the second part I purchased this micro fiber tack cloth, it can be washed up to 200-500 times. It’s great at getting off any debris. You definitely don’t want to wash it. If you have something that’s really hard to get off you can spray it lightly with water. In this case, we’re just going to go over the wall with it, making sure to remove the rest of the particles. Flip it. Also, if you have any dirty spots, before you do any of this, you can just take something like a simple green and go over your walls and clean them first and then do the 2 steps with the vacuum cleaner and then the micro fiber tack cloth.