Hi! My name is Keri Wootton. I'm the owner of Leave the Details to Me Event & Wedding Consulting, and I'm here today to talk to you about how to decorate your wedding reception on budget. The materials you'll need for this tablescape are your base linen color, your chair tie, and you're going to end approximately six of those, then you're going to need your folding leg chairs, and your chair ties are on those, you're going to need your square white China that you can rent from either your caterer or your local rental company, your brown favor boxes and your pink ribbon, and then you'll need some simple potted floral soap plants. So I'm on my local rental company, and we've set up this table that is a fabulous tablescape on a very tight budget. Just simply use a base polylinen which is going to be your least expensive choice in our colors. And then what we've taken is chair ties, and we've made a pattern out of chair ties. And chair ties are super inexpensive way to bring a second color to your table top without a great expense. And again, we just simply layered it in a pattern. You put your one way down and then across the other way, and you've made a great, beautiful pattern. And then what we did is we just went and bought some simple, inexpensive potted orchids that are actually fabric. They look real, they're beautiful, they come, they tie into our colors terrificly. And then you can use them to decorate your home when you're done with your wedding. And then we've rented some really interesting plates to kind of go with our geometric square theme. These are fabulous square plates, and then we've actually placed our favor on top of our plates. And these are just simple brown boxes that we filled with some candy and again the ribbon to match. And then to dress up our simple, inexpensive, white wedding chairs which are a good economical bride tool, and we take in a chair tie in our base color of our table. And we've simply us a knot on the side. All that you're going to do is take your chair tie and tie it around the side, and then tie it in a simple knot. Super easy, elegant, and fun. And again, by using your China and your flatware, and your simple rentals to dress your table up, you've got a huge wow factor without a great expense. I'm Keri from Austin, Texas, and I was here talking to you about how to decorate your wedding reception on a budget.