Video transcription

I'm showing you some tips and techniques in solving Soduku puzzles. Let's look at the bottom third of this example. You'll see that in this strategy we're using is called naked pairs. The reason it's called naked is because it can only be 2. There's no hidden values in it so it's naked. It's goign to be a 1 or a 5. It's going to be a 1 or a 5. There's no other options for it. But because these are the 1 and the 5, this can't be 1 and this can't be 1. This also works going up here because this is also 1 and 5 here. You know that 1 and 5 can not be in any other spots in the quads. This is another example of removing possibilities, which will help you. Not necessarily get you. In this case, it does. That is definaltely 6 because that was the only two options. It could either give you an actual value or at least eliminate something for you. Again, it's just progressing the game. It's one of the more advanced strategies as it starts going on. In our next clip, I'll show you another advanced technique called hidden picks.