How to Make an Arachnid Dart Board Quieter for an Apartment

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Arachnid Dart Boards are a common brand sold in sporting goods and arcade game stores. Used by professional arrow throwers and the casual dart player alike, Arachnid may be best known for its electronic products, which make the game of darts louder with generated sound effects for particularly good throws.

However, if you live in an apartment complex, this noise can often be distracting to neighbours who are just one thin wall away. If the sound effects become a problem, follow these steps to muffle the sound created by each dart game.

Pick a quiet location. Examine the dimensions of your apartment, paying attention to areas large enough to play darts but that do not share a wall with the neighbouring apartment's bedroom. Ideally, choose a wall that has nothing but a courtyard or the apartment's exterior on the other side. If this cannot be done due to the layout and dimensions of your apartment, select the best wall and then ask your neighbour if they can hear the dart board on the other side when you play. If they can, then you will have to make some alterations to muffle the sound.

Turn down the volume on the Arachnid Dart Board, which has volume controls that mute or lessen its sound effects. This may solve the problem for the neighbouring apartment, though it will not eliminate the deep thunking sound that occurs every time a dart hits the board.

Add more padding behind the dart board. One way to keep sound from travelling through walls is to simply make the wall thicker. Take a thick piece of cardboard and secure it behind the dart board. If this is not thick enough, try a piece of cork board or even a large piece of sheetrock.

Install a curtain around the dart playing area. The curtain should be made of a thick fabric, like the curtains found in theatres. Mount curtain rods on the wall above the dart board or between walls beside the dart board area, and string a curtain all the way around the dart board to muffle the sound.