Video transcription

We are talking about sugar gliders and some of the noises these guys make. One thing I wanted people to know about these guys is that they are nocturnal and one of the ways they look for companionship and to show that they own your house and territory is by barking so if you feel that this animal might be in your bedroom or your dorm room, your kids room or in your living room next to your bedroom, they will often times bark like a small puppy most of the night and for the size of the animal it is a pretty loud bark. To give you an example it is an arf, arf and you might not notice it if it was 4 in the afternoon and the television was on but if it was dead quiet it is the loudest noise in the house. These guys make a few other noises as well. They make a crabbing sound when they are upset. You might be able to find the crabbing sound on line or I might be able to get one of these guys to do it later. They also have a hissing sound that they make when they are talking to each other so if you hear a glider making a hiss sound it is generally a hey I am happy to see you. They also have what is called a purring or singing sound and sometimes that noise is often heard when they have babies in their pouch and they are talking to their babies. They also have a sort of hissing crabbing mix sound and that is pretty much heard exclusively when these guys mate. As a pet owner you will hear the hissing sound when they are happy. They also make sort of a chattering sound when they are happy or the crabbing sound if they are unhappy and scared and the barking sound at night. They do not make it every night but some of them make it two or three times a night so it just depends on your particular animal.