Video transcription

now we're going to make fried eggplant salad which goes with the falafel sandwich. We're going to need course salt, and eggplant, cutting board, a knife, a plate to put the eggplants, frying pan and cooking oil. We're going to start by cutting this part of the eggplant which we're not going to use and the back part too. And then we're going to cut it in an angle longer and thin pieces, I'm going to put them on a plate and put some course salt on it, the reason why we put the salt on it is because eggplant has a lot of water inside. And while frying it in oil it's going to absorb a lot of salt, a lot of oil in it which you don't want, so by putting the salt on it and let it sit for 1 hour your going to see after an hour that's it going to have little water in it, little drops of water and we're going to take a tissue paper, clean it up and then we're going to fry it. So it will absorb less oil, as you can see after an hour the salt pulled out a lot of water out of the eggplant. I'm going to bring to brush it off and fry it, this is how it should look like after deep fry nice and brown color. I'm going to put it on a tissue paper to let it to let the oil out.