Video transcription

My name is Sibylle Walters. I’m the owner-director of Flairs Gymnastics located in Davie, Florida. You can find us on the web at And now we’re going to demonstrate the basic gymnastics positions. The first position is a stretch, arms up by your ears nice and tall. A straight position or stretch, then we will do a tuck position and bend your knees, your knees should be together. Very good. Then do a straddle please, open your legs, hold in position. And now the most difficult one is a pike. Your legs should be straight, really good. Excellent. Stand up and now we’re going to do the same positions lying down. Lie on your back. We will lie down, arms way over your head, point your toes, your back should try to make it onto the floor, now tuck your legs and straddle your legs, open wide, close them into a pike.