Video transcription

We’ve got our bell peppers grilling along with some eggplant, and I’ve got some more eggplant here, and some zucchini as well. I’m going to go ahead and throw these guys on. There’s a little bit of oil content in the balsamic vinaigrette that we marinated these in, but I still sprayed the grill down just a little bit with some non-stick spray, just because I want to get some good definite lines on these vegetables so they’ll look nice on a plate. I’m going to go ahead and fill the grill up here and overextend myself a little, but we’ll just hustle and make it all nice. All we’re looking for is about 2 ½ to 3 minutes at the most per side on that heat. I don’t have it anywhere near medium or high, so I’m just being real nice to these vegetable so we don’t over do it and dry them out. We’ll come back here in a couple of minutes and show you what the finished product looks like.