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Why doesn't my rhododendron bloom?

Rhododendrons are perennial woody shrubs with massed flower clusters. According to the University of Rhode Island when your rhododendron fails to bloom, the problem may be due to weather, planting location or plant care.

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Rhododendrons are native to forests. Trees sheltered them from weather extremes. Urban plants do not bloom when they are exposed to extremes of cold weather, hot sun or strong wind.


Rhododendrons are easy care, hardy plants suited to hedge, accent or foundation planting.


Rhododendrons need sunlit locations with some shade for healthy blooms. Too much sun kills the flower buds. Too much shade encourages foliage growth and not flower buds.


Rhododendrons fail to bloom when they are not deadheaded or when young flower buds that provide blooms are removed.


Cut off rhododendron seed heads after flowering to divert plant energy into new bud growth. Prune within 4 to 6 weeks after flowering to avoid pruning off flower buds that develop later.

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