Electrolux Bread Maker Instructions

When eating healthy is emphasised but time is short, an Electrolux bread machine presents an elegant solution. These countertop bakeries allow you to create fresh, healthy and preservative-free bread at home without needing to follow a labour intensive recipe.

Electrolux bread makers come in several varieties, allowing cooks to select a wealth of loaf sizes and styles. The basic operations of these machines remains similar, producing hot, fresh bread from a few simple ingredients.

Place the Electrolux bread maker on a flat, stable surface near to a power outlet. Do not place near a working heating vent, stove, air conditioner or window, as the dramatic temperature changes will affect how your yeast performs. Plug the machine into the power outlet to turn on.

Lift the machine lid and pull up on the handle to remove the internal bread pan. Wipe out the bread pan with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

Install the kneading paddle by pressing it down onto the spindle at the bottom of the bread pan.

Place the liquid ingredients for your bread recipe in the bread pan, then follow with the dry ingredients, except for the yeast. Do not stir. When all of the ingredients have been added, add the yeast on the top, making sure it does not come into contact with the liquid ingredients or any salt.

Insert the bread pan into the machine and press down, locking into place, and close the lid.

Press the "Menu Select" button to select your bread style. Use the setting most appropriate to your bread recipe. Press the button until the light next to the desired bread style is lit.

Press the "Color" button to select the desired crust colour of the bread, then press the "Start" button to begin baking your bread. When the cycle is finished, allow the bread to cool thoroughly.

Open the lid and pull up on the bread pan handle to remove the bread pan. Invert the pan and shake gently to remove your fresh bread.