Troubleshooting Baseboard Heaters

Video transcription

My name is Rodney with A-Team Services and on this video we are going to be talking about baseboard heaters. A baseboard heater is a simple heater that is usually based on baseboards around your home. These are run by 220 electrical lines or 120 electrical lines that supply electric heat to heat up the areas in each individual room. Now these baseboard heaters will not be able to heat the entire house, just a section of the house that they're in. The main things to check on a baseboard heater is just to make sure that your breaker is on and that you have power going to it. With this, just make sure that when you turn the thermostat on that you see a light and make sure that if you do not have a light, that probably you are missing power. This is something that you do not want to take apart and try to fix yourself. It is high voltage and it can shock you. With baseboard heaters, there is two kinds of contractors you can call to come out and look at it. One would be your heating and air contractor. One would be an electrician. Either one of them can find the source of the problem that you are having with that baseboard heater.

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