Video transcription

Tools rust because a chemical reaction occurs between the metal and oxygen in the air Any tool in use tends to collect moisture, mould and rust For this reason, try not to leave tools in damp or humid places If your tools are rusting, there are two simple methods to solve the problem method 1 Items: Sodium bicarbonate Lemon juice Pour the sodium bicarbonate into a plastic container Add a bit of lemon juice and stir slowly until it forms a foamy paste Take a paint brush and dip it in the paste Put it on the rusty surface and leave it work for a few minutes Then clean the surface with a paper towel You can repeat this process as many times as needed to obtain a better result method 2 Items: penetrating oil spray Very carefully spray the tool Then gently use 300-grit sandpaper and clean with a paper towel Finally, you can spray the tool with the oil to prolong its useful working life