Making cash online during a recession

Written by wendy rose gould | 13/05/2017
Making cash online during a recession
Working online allows you to complete work on your own terms. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

The invention of the Internet, and its now-substantial presence in just about everything we do, has opened the door for all sorts of new side job possibilities. Online jobs are especially alluring because they allow you to set you own hours and work from home when -- and if -- you're in the mood to do so. From online tutoring to public relations to website design, online job possibilities are abundant.

Sell photos

Making cash online during a recession
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Websites such as Dreamstime, iStockPhoto, ShutterStock and Getty Images serve as the middleman when it comes to buying stock photos, allowing you to sell your photos for a profit. Many of these sites are particular about the photographs they'll sell to buyers, so learn the ropes and practice often.

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Design websites

Making cash online during a recession
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If you're Internet savvy and have comprehensive HTML and web design knowledge, you can make money on the side as a website designer. Many small businesses and even bloggers want an attractive website and will pay well for that service.

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Making cash online during a recession
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If you write it, they will come. The key, of course, is to write well, write often and promote your work. When you first begin blogging, you can make money through ad programs that provide cents for clicks. After establishing your blog, reach out to companies who'd be interested in paying for an ad spot on your blog.

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Virtual assistant

Making cash online during a recession
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Busy bodies may not have the time to keep track of their schedules, make appointments or even check their messages and emails. Naturally, they look for someone else to take care of those details. Virtual assistants work from their computers and complete tasks such as organising checklists, updating schedules and answering emails.

Sell online

Making cash online during a recession
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Whether you bake bread, design clothing, make soap or work as an illustrator, many online websites exist that allow you to sell your goods. You can also sell vintage goods and virtually any other item. To stand out from the crowd, it's important to promote your business and to take detailed, high-quality photographs of anything you list for sale.

Online tutoring

Making cash online during a recession
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From challenging topics such as A Levels and the GCSEs to easier subjects such as primary school maths and linguistics, there's always a student in need of a tutor. Many tutoring programs function strictly online, allowing you to work from your computer during times that work best for you.

Copy editing

Making cash online during a recession
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If writing isn't your thing, but you still possess a knack for the English language, look for online copy editing jobs as a way to supplement your income. Copy editing jobs exist for myriad subjects, from medical writing to works of fiction.

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Graphic design

Making cash online during a recession
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Businesses often need logos, newsletters and promotional products designed. That's where graphic designers come in. Take a proactive approach and contact area businesses to see if they need work. Alternatively, create a website online to advertise for yourself and post your availability on websites such as Craig's List and Facebook.

Online marketing consultant

Making cash online during a recession
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With more and more social networks -- including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and beyond -- businesses must promote themselves online, lest they get lost in the shuffle. Medium- to larger-size companies often hire online media consultants and those in the public relations field to take care of that aspect of their business.

Text translator

Making cash online during a recession
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Those who speak more than one language fluently can earn money translating text from one tongue to another. This is done from a computer and requires an ability to translate not only text, but voice and sentence structure as well.

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