Ideas for graveside flower arrangements

Written by lisa finn | 13/05/2017
Ideas for graveside flower arrangements
Chose the best option for your loved one. (Unknown Soldier grave in Verdun cemetery image by ALLAN GROSSKRUEGER from

Paying your respects at a grave site can be done by leaving a beautiful plant or floral arrangement. Sometimes people close to the deceased choose in-ground plants as a more permanent offering. There are many kinds of floral arrangements that can be left at the grave site, including seasonal arrangements, birthday honours and simple I-miss-you sentiments.


Ideas for graveside flower arrangements
Use holiday-themed containers. (Christmas flower arrangement image by Jim Parkin from

Baskets provide a sturdy container that will not be blown away on an outdoor tombstone. For an arrangement being placed on the grave site at Christmas time, for example, paint a sleigh basket red and place red and white flowers and greenery into floral foam. When remembering a mother on Mother's Day, use a pink basket and secure the woman's favourite flowers into the floral foam. Place taller flowers in the back and work forward with shorter ones. Finish with a pretty ribbon. Baskets will not block the tombstone and they are a festive way to honour the person on a holiday.

Balloons and Stuffed Animals

Ideas for graveside flower arrangements
Flowers for a child can include a stuffed animal. (stuffed bear image by jimcox40 from

Flowers at a child's grave site should be indicative of the young life lost. Place marbles in the bottom of a short, wide vase and fill with water. Add primary-coloured flowers, such as button poms, freesia and gerbera daisies, and then tie brightly coloured balloons with hearts and childlike images around the vase. Or lay a headstone spray of flowers on the grave site and attach a teddy bear or stuffed animal onto the arrangement. If the child was older, add significant objects in the flower arrangement, like small pom poms for a cheerleader or a tiny surf board for someone who loved the ocean. These tokens signify a part of the child's life that will always be remembered.

Bushes and In-Ground Plants

Ideas for graveside flower arrangements
Plants are low maintenance and last long. (Plants image by Degitail Imaging from

Instead of leaving a small bush next to a grave site, consider planting it. Bushes look pretty on either side of a grave and act as a frame for the tombstone. Drought-tough annuals, such as zinnias, are a good choice and only need to be watered often in the beginning. Succulents and plants with a thick outer wax coating do well, as do rose bushes. These long-lasting plant choices signify eternal life from the people who plant them. A picture of the person, such as a hiker I his gear, is a beautiful addition to simple greenery around a grave site.


Ideas for graveside flower arrangements
Seasonal wreaths show remembrance at the holidays. (a Christmas wreath image by Piter Pkruger from

Use a saddle mount on top of a tombstone and fill it with fresh flowers that signify peace, such as soft-coloured roses. Consider flowers with sweet smells to evoke images of loving memories. Or purchase a wreath holder and change out the arrangement based on the holidays. Carnations are popular because they last long and come in white, a colour that signifies eternal life. An evergreen wreath works best in most climates and can be hung with a wreath holder or attached with wire to a stake in the ground. Fill the wreath with significant colours, such as red, white and blue, for a woman who served her country, for example.

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