Home-made "Rocky Horror Show" costumes

Updated February 21, 2017

The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" is a cult classic movie that features a wacky cast of characters in elaborate costumes. The movie phenomenon plays at midnight in theatres across the country, and patrons come dressed as their favourite characters to shout out the lines as they are spoken onscreen. "Rocky Horror" showings also often feature live casts acting out the movie as it plays behind them. Because it is so interactive, complete "Rocky Horror Picture Show" costumes are readily available in costume shops for all of the characters. However, you can also create them at home with clothing you might already have.


Rocky is the title character, but he doesn't talk much. His costume is the simplest of all of the characters, consisting of gold short shorts and a floppy blond haircut. Visit a wig store or costume shop to find a blond wig that matches Rocky's hair, and look for the shorts at novelty lingerie shops or even trendy clothing stores. You can make a pair out of gold material, if you are handy with a sewing machine.

Frank N. Furter

Frank N. Furter, played by Tim Curry, is a sensuous transvestite with a tight black teddy and extreme silver eye make-up. Get the teddy, complete with garters and stockings, at a lingerie store, and a short black curly wig at the costume shop. Be sure to use bright red lipstick for your lips, and don't hold back on the eye make-up. Get some black pumps to complete the look.


Magenta is Frank N. Furter's maid. She wears a french maid's outfit, a popular choice at Halloween and readily available in costume shops. You can achieve the same look with a short black dress and white frilly apron. You'll also need a big, curly auburn wig, thigh-high stockings and black pumps, along with some pale make-up and dark red lips.


Janet, played in the movie by a young Susan Sarandon, is the "goody-goody" of the cast. She spends most of the movie in nothing but a torn white slip and a white bra. With a silky blond wig and an innocent expression, you can pull off Janet perfectly.

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