Honda Civic Trunk Latch Problems

Updated April 17, 2017

The Honda Civic has consumer complaints and technical service bulletins (TSB) published concerning multiple problems with the boot latch. The boot latch problems are not all mechanical issues; there are electrical issues as well as keyless entry device problems. All the boot latch problems prevent the boot from opening or closing.

Mechanical Problem

The Honda Civic has a TSB published by the manufacturer concerning the boot latch problems some owners are experiencing. The boot latch remains in the open position, which prevents the boot from remaining closed. Once the operator opens the boot with the key, the boot latch sticks in the open position. This is attributed to a mechanical issue with the boot latch assembly. Civic owners can lubricate the latch assembly, but this does not always work. If lubrication of the latch does not correct the problem, the entire latch assembly must be replaced.

Keyless Entry Device

The keyless entry device which controls the locks on the Honda Civic is causing the boot latch to lock and unlock automatically without operator use of the device. A signal is sent to the door locks and the boot locks, causing the locks to open. This signal problem is attributed to a programming problem on the Honda Civic. The only correction for the keyless device problem on the Civic is to have both the keyless entry device and the automobile computer re-programmed. The only other cure for this latch problem is to replace the keyless entry device.

Electrical Problems

Problems with the electrical system which controls the automatic door locks and boot locks on the Honda Civic have also been reported. The wiring is shorting out the cabin controls and causing the boot to unlatch and open during normal driving conditions. Civics with this problem need to be taken to the dealership to have the wiring for the boot latch and power door locks rewired.

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