Car decorating ideas for a parade

Updated November 21, 2016

When creating a homemade float for a parade, oftentimes people choose to decorate their cars. There are many different ways a person can decorate their cars to make it suitable for a parade. The types of decorations chosen depend on the season and reason for which the parade is being held. These decorations, for the most part, are simple and affordable.

Car Chalk

One the simplest, and one of the easiest to clean, methods for decorating a car for a parade is to use car chalk. These special markers write on car windows safely, and can easily be cleaned with just paper towel and water. The most appealing part is, they withstand heavy rain, so that no matter what the weather the decorations will survive. Car chalk comes in a variety of colours, including black, blue, green, red and silver, making it usable for nearly any occasion. It would be ideal for a homecoming, parade where school colours are the theme of the event.


One way to turn a boring old car into a beautiful float for a parade is to use car streamers to line the bottom of a car. These streamers hang from the bottom edge of the car, almost to the street, and make the car look like a genuine float. These streamers come in several different colours, including black, gold, white and red. They would dress up any car and add to the festivity of any different type of parade.


Depending on the occasion, adding a flag to a car would be an ideal decoration for a parade. This would be especially appropriate for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day or Veterans' Day parades. There are kits for assembling large flags onto cars that are easy to uninstall when you no longer want a full-size flag flying off the end of your vehicle. While a United States flag would be appropriate for patriotic events like the Fourth of July and Memorial Day, school flags can also be used for events like a homecoming parade.

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