Pop-Star Fancy Dress Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing pop-star fancy dress ideas. We have so many crazy and wild pop stars that offer outrageous looks that young girls and women all over envy. From Lady Gaga to Nicki Manaj, each celebrity offers her own individual look.

Lady Gaga

For the ultimate pop-star fancy dress idea, a Lady Gaga costume offers the best creativity, with an endless amount of choices to choose from. According to the Fashion Police website, coming up with the perfect Lady Gaga costume is actually really simple. All that is needed is a blond wig, with the choice of a short bob or long hair. Adding a hair bow (the kind that looks like real matching hair) would make for the perfect accessory. As for the actual fancy dress attire, the more outrageous and crazy, the better the costume will resemble the true Lady Gaga.

Katy Perry

For a sweet and spunky pop-star look, putting together a Katy Perry costume is the perfect choice. There are plenty of choices to pick from, but one fun fancy dress idea would be the lollipop glam look. There are many Katy Perry hair styles, but with this look, the hair should be pulled back with a high ponytail. With a pink too-too or ruffle skirt and a tank top covered in rhinestones or glitter, the dress-wear is complete. The final accessory that can't be forgotten is a giant rainbow lollipop.

Nicki Manaj

When looking for something with a touch of glam and glitz, Nicki Manaj has all the pop-star glam a girl could ask for. One of her famous looks screams Barbie. With a pink wig with fringe, bright pink painted nails and lip stick, half the look will be complete. To top it off, a jump suit and some wild jewellery will finish off the fanciest Nicki Manaj dress-wear.


For those who love the fancy look of pop star Rihanna's wild red wig, her dress attire can be easy and fun to imitate. Individuals can start out with a short red-to-burgundy-coloured wig, with side fringe, some light purple lipstick and some bright-coloured eye shadow. As for the outfit, a short spaghetti-strapped shirt and a ruffled skirt is all that is needed to pull off the perfect Rihanna dress-wear.

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