Remembrance gifts for a stillborn baby

Stillbirth is when a mother loses her child in the womb after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Losing a child after envisioning dreams of a future with the baby is a tragic experience for any parent, not to mention the family. A grieving family may want to be left alone in order to gather their thoughts, but this does not mean you cannot send them a gift in order to remember their precious child.


Planting a tree or a memorial garden is a simple, yet thoughtful, way to remember a lost infant. When choosing a tree or particular plants, consider those that bloom around the time of the child's birthday or death. You may also add stones engraved with the child's name and birth date along with scriptures or memorable quotes that will help the family find peace. When the family is ready to see friends, take them out to the tree or garden planted in honour of the baby. Placing a bench in the area is another idea so that the family may have a seat and reflect when paying their respects.

Baby Box

Gather pictures and memories of the child and put them together in a scrapbook. A few ideas for the scrapbook include a positive pregnancy test, pictures of the mother while she was pregnant, hospital photographs, ultrasounds, baby shower keepsakes, birth certificate and death certificate, gifts that were acquired at the baby shower and other memorable items. Use dried flower petals from bouquets that were sent to decorate the box. Include the child's name and perhaps quotes or scriptures on the top of the box.

Website Dedication

Online, there are many websites that do not cost anything to create. Creating a memorial page for a lost infant is simple and quick with the built-in templates and editors offered on these websites, all free of charge. On your website, include pictures of the baby, stories during the pregnancy and a guest book so that others may share their stories and condolences. The Missing Angel Foundation operates a memorial site for stillbirth children and will post a link to your memorial site on its website.


Charm bracelets with charms symbolising a baby (i.e. pacifiers, bootees, bottles) are thoughtful remembrance gifts. Each year on the baby's birthday, you could give the mother more charms for her bracelet. Locket necklaces with the baby's name engraved, complete with an inside photograph are other ways to remember the baby. Some companies even make "urn" lockets where you may store a pinch of the child's ashes so that the child is "with you" wherever you go. The child's birthstone on a ring, necklace or bracelet is another option.

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