Piercing Ideas for Respectable Women

Written by noelle carver | 13/05/2017
Piercing Ideas for Respectable Women
Nose piercings do not have to look grungy. (woman close up image by csaba fikker from Fotolia.com)

Professional, respectable women can have piercings, too. Whether a woman is running a company, a marathon, or a household there are some piercings that remain stylish, without looking gaudy or grungy. While a woman can hide many of her piercings on her private areas, she can also show off piercings in a respectable ways, like on her ears. Choosing the type of ring or stud also largely determines the "look" of the piercing to others who may deem it "respectable" or not.

Ear Cartilage

One of the most common piercings, according to the Sydney Medical Body Piercing Clinic, is cartilage ear piercing, namely the helix and top ear areas. A piercing gun can insert a stud or a ring into the ear cartilage. The earring can accompany a lobe piercing if desired. Commonly, the cartilage is only on one ear while lobe piercings are on both. While the piercing may look funky or youthful to some people, it is a respectable looking piercing without much frill or risk of infection. While the ring or stud are exposed at all times, a woman with longer hair can wear her hair over her ears if she wants to cover the piercing for a particular event or meeting.


While this piercing is not on public view, a woman can feel she is wearing a respectable piercing under her shirt or blouse. Risks exist for women who are pregnant and who wish to breastfeed. However, women can remove the jewellery for as long as they nurse. If a woman is not a pregnant or with a child, she can wear her nipple piercing with confidence, knowing it is only for her to gaze at or for her loved one to admire and touch.


Piercing the ear lobe is the most common type of piercing, according to the Mayo Clinic. Women in professional business careers or in academia can continue to wear lobe piercings and get creative with the types of earrings they wear--dangling earrings, large hoops, and small gems are all acceptable and attractive piercings. Although ear lobe piercing is generally less risky than other body piercings, note that all piercings pose a risk of infection and other health risks due to needles and piercing guns.


A small silver or gem stud one on side of the nose creates a pretty, cool look on most women. The smaller the piercing, the less ostentatious the piercing will look. If a woman wants a large ring in her nose, she may want to take it out before some events like meetings or weddings. In general, nose piercings create a clean, put together look and will not cause too many heads to turn. Changing the stud colour and making sure to keep the piercing clean will keep the nose from infection.

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