The Best Ways to Disguise a Nose Job

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Getting a nose job is a surgical procedure known as rhinoplasty. If you have chosen to proceed with this operation, you might be wondering about ways to disguise the nose job after you've had the procedure done. One of the things to consider about a nose job is that your plastic surgeon will have to cover up your nose in a plaster cast for at least one week after the rhinoplasty to make sure that it heals properly.

Apply Concealer

You can conceal some of the evidence of having a nose job with concealer make-up. After your procedure, bruising around the eyes and on the eyelids is a common side effect. To reduce this obvious giveaway, blot concealer in your skin colour on the dark spots with a soft sponge. Do this gently so that you do not aggravate the area and make it more painful for yourself. By minimising the black-and-blue discolouration you can restore your skin's colour so that the nose job is less obvious. Make sure you have permission from your surgeon or doctor to use make-up on your skin after the operation.

Keep the Swelling Down

If you want to disguise your nose job, you will need to work on keeping the swelling down. After rhinoplasty, it is common for your nose and surrounding areas of the face to be swollen. You can reduce the swelling by applying ice packs to the area on a regular basis. says that the swelling might be evident for two to three weeks after the surgery, so you should expect to be able to better disguise the nose job after that time frame.

Wear a Large Hat

Wearing a large hat might be the perfect solution for hiding a nose job. A wide-brimmed hat creates shade over the face, which can make it difficult to see your obvious dark blotches and swelling from the surgery. It's a good idea to wear a shady hat anyway, because doctors and surgeons recommend post-op patients staying out of the sun.

Out With the Old

If you don't want to attract attention to your new schnoz, disguise the fact that you got a nose job by getting rid of old pictures of you with your original nose. If people see your before pictures, and then look at you now, it might be a tad obvious that something about you looks different.

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