Gifts for the 15 Year Old Goth Girl

Updated July 20, 2017

The term Goth refers to people who are followers of a subgenre of punk rock, called goth rock. Individuals of this subculture wear a lot of black and often appropriate other cultural aspects into their attire, such as Victorian, industrial, or horror-movie style elements. If your 15-year-old is falls into this category, she might be hard to shop for, but you still want to find a gift she will love. Consider the unusual style of the goth phenomenon and the interests of the individual teen; a combination of the two will lead you to just the right gift.


Recently a slough of books about the goth culture and goth novels have surfaced, so there are many options for a goth bookworm. The Goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined by Nancy Kilpatrick, or Goth: Undead Subculture by Lauren M. E. Goodlad and Michael Bibby are good choices for learning about what being a goth represents. For something lighter, opt for The Ghost and the Goth by Stacy Kade, Goth Girl Rising by Barry Lyga or Tales from a Goth Librarian by Kimberly Richardson. These books are specifically geared toward goth readers, so she will know you picked them out just for her.


When shopping for a goth girl you might feel like shying away from accessories, even though they are common gift items for teenage girls. Don't give up on this idea though, you can still find girlie accessories with a goth twist; items such as handbags, hats, jewellery and make-up are all available with an edgier look. Look for dark pleather purses, studded belts and tall black boots. Blood-red or dark purple lipsticks and clunky pendants or choker necklaces will coordinate with a goth outfit. Your teen will appreciate that you are supporting her expression of personal style.


To appeal to the teenager in your goth girl, give her a DVD such as "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Even if she isn't running with the crowd in her love for the "Twilight" series, she still would enjoy a vampire or zombie movie, or get her something a little retro and give her a season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Angel." A current dark TV show a goth girl can find engaging is "Dexter." If you aren't sure what she watches, choose movies or shows that have an element of fantasy and dark humour.

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