Fiber Optic Indoor Plants & Flowers

Updated February 21, 2017

Fibre optic plants and flowers are fake plants that add a decorative element to your house. The fibre optic lights on the plants provide an ambience that real plants cannot. The lights change colour in a repeating pattern. Fibre optic plants are popular holiday decorations, though you can also find some that can be used all year and are not holiday-specific.

Fibre Optic Poinsettia

A variety of fibre optic poinsettia plants are available in stores or online through various manufacturers. The plants resemble a real poinsettia, but require no maintenance. Typically, it is made of polyester and silk. Plug it in or, if it's battery operated, turn it on to activate the fibre optic lights. The lights usually line the edges of each leaf, but are also sometimes found in the centre of the plant. Most fibre optic poinsettia plants come in a pot, and are easy to store to use each Christmas season. The branches are usually adjustable, so you can arrange the shape of the plant any way you want.

Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree is another holiday-related item available as an indoor fibre optic plant. The tree serves as a replacement for a real tree, or as an additional Christmas tree in another room in your house. Unlike a real tree, it requires no water, trimming or other maintenance. The trees come in a variety of sizes, and have the lights either built right into the plant or are pre-assembled with the lights attached already. The fibre optic lights provide a glow and ambience of a real tree with changing colour patterns to set the mood in the room. Use it to decorate your house during Christmas for several years.

Fibre Optic Orchids

If you want to enjoy the lights and ambience of a fibre optic plant all year, consider a fibre optic orchid plant. Fibre optic orchid plants look like real orchids but, like other fibre optic plants, they require no maintenance or care. Some are battery powered, while others plug into a wall. The plants come in a pot to stand on a table or shelf, or in a wall-hanging pot to use as a wall decoration. The fibre optic lights surround the orchid flowers or are located in the centre. You can move each leaf and branch to create the perfect orchid bouquet shape.

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