How to make chicken wire Christmas light balls

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Turn a piece of metal screen into a ball of brilliance. A ball of light this size is ideal for a holiday light decoration, indoors or out. Alternatively, mount the ball for a party or evening event any time of year to bring a cheerful touch to the space. You can also add a string of lights that are embellished with plastic covers, such as chilli peppers, flowers or sports balls, along with the 200-count string of lights.

Cut a 120 cm (48-inch) length of 2.5 cm by 60 cm (1-inch by 24) gauge chicken wire. Allow the piece of chicken wire to roll around itself; wire comes in a round roll so the shape has a natural curve. Twist the ends of the rolled edges together with a pair of pliers to hold the roll together.

Turn the roll on one flat end. Bend the ends of the wire over and across the opening of the roll of wire using the pliers. Secure the tips of the wire by twisting them around the opposing chicken wire. Repeat this method with all of the ends to form a rounded end on the roll.

Flip the roll over and bend the wire ends on the other side using the same technique to complete the spherical shape; it does not have to be a perfectly round ball and it will be approximately 60 cm (24 inches) in diameter.

Find the end light on a 200-count light strand. Attach this light to the centre of one of the chicken wire on one of the rounded ends of the ball using a plastic zip tie. Wrap the strand of lights across the ball of chicken wire, and tie a zip tie around the strand and chicken wire on the opposite end of the ball.

Continue wrapping the strand of lights around the ball of chicken wire. Tie zip ties around the strand and wire at least once every time to make a pass around the ball. Stagger the strand as you wrap the lights so you cover all of the chicken wire evenly.

Cut a piece of heavy-gauge wire that is the length you need for hanging the light ball. Wrap one end of the wire around the end of the ball that is opposite to the plug-in on the lights. Hang the other end in a space that is space away from flammable objects.

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