Different Types of Wood Quilt Racks

Updated February 21, 2017

Quilt racks come in a variety of styles that allow them to be used in any type of space. From sprawling floor racks to streamlined compression bars, a quilt rack is chosen to match the decor of your home as well as your tastes in textures and colours. They also fit a variety of budgets. For the true quilting connoisseur, check out auctions and thrift stores for antique racks in as many styles as you can imagine.

Wooden Dowels

These are excellent for cramped spaces where hanging your quilt is the best option. Dowels may be selected according to the size quilt you have; for example,a full-sized quilt needs a larger diameter dowel to support it. A hanged quilt fully displays the whole quilt, unlike racks where the quilt must be folded to fit. A dowel may be mounted on a wall in any number of ways, the easiest being to use screw-in curtain rod mounts or brackets.

Compression Bars

With the use of compression, these bars take care of the problem of sagging associated with wooden dowels. Constructed of two pieces of wood clamped firmly together with screws and nuts, the upper edge of the quilt is placed between the wood bars and clamped securely into place. With a cost similar to the dowels, this is another budget-friendly way to display your family heirloom.

Combination Racks

These combine the dowels or compression bars with shelves for added decoration and display. A quilt is hung below the shelf. Shelf combinations may be plain or ornate, and as with all other wooden quilt racks, they are available in a wide range of woods and finishes.

Floor Racks

By far the most traditional of quilt racks is the floor rack or standing quilt rack. These racks can be designed to hold just one folded quilt or several. Those that hold multiple quilts with an upright design that leans against a wall are sometimes called ladder racks. Floor racks are a beautiful and old-fashioned addition to any home and allow you to proudly display your quilts or store them for cold, snowy nights.

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