Gifts for a Rich Man

Updated February 21, 2017

Choosing a gift for a rich man requires thinking outside the box and is not as difficult as it sounds. Just because he is wealthy and can afford expensive things does not mean that you have to get him an expensive gift. Select a present that fits your budget and has sentimental value or provides him with an opportunity to relax.

Photo Gift

Create a photo album for a sentimental gift for a rich man, so he can reflect and appreciate all the people and memories in his life. Choose a sturdy, elegant photo album and fill it with his favourite photos of his friends and family, as well as pictures of special moments and occasions. For a custom touch, have the cover of the album engraved with a quote such as "The best things in life are free" or "There are some things that money can't buy."

Donation Gift

Donate money to one of his favourite charities or causes for a thoughtful gift that he is sure to appreciate. Let him know that you donated to a particular cause in his name -- you do not have to disclose amount of your donation. The recipient may have the financial means to purchase expensive things for himself but will appreciate the fact that you gifted financial support to a cause that he is passionate about.

Relaxing Gift

If the recipient has a lot of money but not time, he might appreciate a day off for relaxing. If the recipient is your spouse or boyfriend, plan a romantic day alone and schedule a couples massage at a local spa or pack a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon eating and relaxing at the park. For a friend, brother or dad, choose to spend the day at the beach, a sports game or have a movie marathon at home for a low-key, quality bonding experience.

Engraved Gift

Choose to give a rich man an engraved item for a meaningful gift. Select an item that he uses often such as a briefcase, wallet, cuff links or travel coffee mug and have his initials, first name or a short quote engraved on it. He will think of you when he uses the item and appreciate your thoughtful gift.

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